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Build-perspective agencies produces structural and Architectural  drawings for residential,industrial,commercial, and institutional building blocks.
Save at least 20% of what a registered architect/ Engineer can charge.
We work closely with registered architects and engineers in order to aid  with the approval of the stated drawings in conjunction with concerned governmental authorities.
We are based in Nairobi North-Off kamiti road/kahawa west.
One of us by the name of Benson Mwangi  has over 10 years experience in production of the stated drawings,  having completed architectural Technician (KNEC) -Autocad/adobe photoshop literate.

Major Areas of Expertise

1)Home inspections
2)Project Management-This includes undertaking feasibility studies on the site design stage  leading to actual production of the drawings of the project, approval of the drawings with concerned local authorities, Commencing of the actual construction of the project via outsourcing  labour force either in day to day basic or contractual basis up to  completion of the project / building block at given specific period of  time.

a) Architectural Drawings.
b) Structural Drawings.
c) 3D-drawings/Rendering.

MAIN CONTACT: +254-737858041   EMAIL:- info@build-perspective.com / bensonplanner@gmail.com

Facebook account:- benson.mwangi.3348@facebook.com

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